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      本信息僅供醫學專業人士參考,如果您是醫學專業人士,請點擊確定后進入。 如果不是,請點擊取消。

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      Stay true to the original self, Be brave to undertake social responsibility

      Our responsibilities

      Every day we work tirelessly to support the diagnosis and treatment of our doctors and to help patients regain their health.For this purpose, we always keep our promises to doctors, patients and governments.This commitment is to improve the patient's quality of life with high-quality drugs for the benefit of human health.This is already an important part of the brand DNA of 3SBio Group.

      We have always believed that only by truly integrating into the society and becoming part of the community, we can fulfill our social responsibilities, provide doctors with reliable treatment tools, provide patients with reliable drugs, reform the medical and health industry for the government, provide more care for employees, and bring hope to poor patients and families, which is the hope of “Responsibility” delivered by 3SBio Group.

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